Ico (PS2)

Ico (PS2)

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I’ve lit all the fires near the gate, and that lets me now light bombs to blow up a blocked path to a cemetery. There, I had to fight a million more shadow things (which I hate having to do). Afterwards, I entered a room where I couldn’t reach the door, but finding another route led me to a chain I could jump onto and pull down, which raised the floor. Raised it too high, I might add.

So I spent ages trying to find how to get up (and died twice, and so had to re-do the room) before realising you could swing on chains and so I could swing and jump to get up.

Then there was a windmill, where I had to jump and grab a sail while it went round, jumping off at the top, before getting to a sort of garden with some water and a sewer thing. Took me ages to figure out I could get Yorda out of the sewer by just lifting her through a hole, and i didn’t have to push blocks I couldn’t get to into the hole instead. Pff.

Then there was a lift, and more shadow things to kill (one of which threw me off a tower so I died, and had to repeat a bit again), and then finally made it to a huge chasm that I could shimmy across, but Yorda had to wait behind. This led to back into the garden, where the blocks I couldn’t reach previously I now could, allowing me to reach a new route which led to a chain I could grab and then jump across to a switch to (I assume) let Yorda across.

Except you can’t jump from the chain to the switch as you can’t jump that far (even with swinging), so I fell, died, and have a good 10 minutes to repeat again. Rubbish.


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