MySims (Wii)

MySims (Wii)

Hmm. I really should get round to scanning the box in for this. And adding it to my Museum. But anyway.

Spent about an hour or so mainly just moving new people in. I put everyone (that is, Ms Nicole, Goth Boy and Matt) in the desert, mainly because I’m running out of space in the town. Planted a couple of trees in the desert too.

I then set about pleasing my new residents. Everyone seemed to want beds, so I made lots of beds. Goth Boy also wanted a sofa, so I completely deviated from the blueprint to do an acebest sofa for him, made out of pure sadness. Seriously. Actually, I don’t know why he’s called “Goth Boy” because he’s clearly Emo and not Goth, but you can’t expect EA to know the difference, can you?

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