Ico (PS2)

Ico (PS2)

Having to redo the last bit no less than SEVEN times because I was one millimetre too high or low on the chain I had to jump from didn’t really help endear this game to me any further.

However, I will persevere more. After all, it can’t be as bad as Kameo, and I completed that.

Thankfully, the next section was much more enjoyable. I came across a tower with a reflector behind it, and had to solve some puzzles to open three huge doors in the tower to allow the light from the reflector through, so as to activate one half of the main gate for the castle. It was a bit of a pain having to leg it back from a switch as Rubbish Yorda had been nabbed by shadow things again, but never mind.

I do have a sword now, though, which makes it easier to kill them! Sadly, it didn’t save me from them knocking me off a ledge to my death some ten minutes after the tower was complete and I’d made it back to the room where I’d blown up a bridge earlier in the game. So I’ll have to do all that again. Grr.

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