Having redone the bit after losing Yorda, I found there wasn’t much of the game left. There were some more platformy bits (oh, and I figured that you can pull the block around while you swim with the O button), and then I found a new sword that gave me the statue-moving powers of Yorda. Then, I ended up back in the room you start the game in, with loads of shadow things to kill.

It was then that I realised something – the shadows are all horned too – just like Ico. And they all came from the “pods” like the one Ico was in at the start. So they must be all the previous horned boys from times past!

Killed them all anyway (one swipe of this new sword does it) and then it was off to kill the queen, who was pretty easy (once I’d figured out what was going on, anyway) and that was the end of the game! Well, except for the bit after the credits which I won’t mention as it’s a spoiler. My completed save says 7 and a half hours, but redoing sections means it’s nearer 10.

What did I think overall then? Well… it was good. Much better than I expected, and certainly better than it started. I didn’t like having to drag Yorda round all the time, there are problems with the controls, fighting, camera and such, but the story and atmosphere and the actual puzzles and platforming make up for it.

Now, if they’d make a game without all the annoying bits and more of the good bits, that’d be ace!

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