Phoenix Wright 3: Trials and Tribulations (DS)

Phoenix Wright 3: Trials and Tribulations (DS)

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Well, this case certainly seems a lot shorter than I was expecting for a final case, which is a shame. Of course, there’s still a chance for a twist at the end, but I’m not sure how there can be one.

I’ve exposed the girl’s true identity (which was blatantly obvious, but only to the player as the cases in this game are played out of order), and I know she did it, but the thing is – I know that I can’t win this case. In a previous case, Mia says she didn’t win her first case (which is this one), and the prosecutor is Edgeworth (in his first case too), and in the first Phoenix Wright game Phoenix was the first person ever to “defeat” Edgeworth. So I must lose. Anyway, Fawles has taken the stand now, so we’ll see…

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