Portal (360)

Portal (360)

No, I have no idea why the “The Orange Box” box goes pink when you resize it to the thumbnail you see on the left. Most odd.

Since I don’t want to complete Mario Galaxy too quickly, I’ve decided to play something else for a bit. Yeah, I know I have Phantom Arsegas and Shadow of a Colostomy on the go at the moment, but, well, this arrived yesterday and everyone says it’s ace and I’m weak.

What I don’t remember anyone saying, however, is how hilarious it is. The computer voice taking you through the “training”? Fantastic! The fake concern for me, the lies, the promises of cake! It’s brilliant.

And the game? Braneaching. Yes, that’s a word. I just wrote it, so it must be.

If you don’t know what it entails, then imagine a gun that fires holes that stick to walls, floors and ceilings. One hole is blue, the other, orange. Walk through one, and you come out the other. Easy! But there are puzzles, you see, and they make your brain melt.

And I’m only on puzzle 17!

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