Half-Life 2 (360)

Half-Life 2 (360)

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Now, you see, I bought The Orange Box for Portal. And nothing else. Although I did think that perhaps I’d like Team Fortress 2 a bit, as although not my usual sort of game, the unseriousness of it appealed. And so It Was Done, and The Game of Orange was Purchased, and Lo, Portal was Divine and Team Fortress 2 was Lovely. There was much rejoicing.

And today, I was going to play TF2 a bit more, for I thought, why not try Half-Life 2 for a bit? After all, I did love the first game, and completed it several times so many moons ago. I never bothered with the sequel as the story didn’t sound so great. I mean, I loved the running round the Black Mesa facility, so being in the open world? Just seemed too much like every other FPS ever. And aliens taking over the world? Yawn, Halo 2.

But. It’s great! Not as great as the original (yet), and missing things like the brilliant intro and stuff, but it has many of the same characters and stuff.

So far, I’ve been incorrectly teleported, got my crowbar (yay!), and escaped through the sewers and beyond on a hovercraft thing. Lots of shooting, a bit of puzzling, ace!

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