Psychonauts (Xbox)

Psychonauts (Xbox)

So this was a surprise. In several ways. Firstly, I’m amazed my wife managed to get hold of a copy of this for me for Christmas. Then there’s the fact she thought to buy it in the first place (as it’s been on my Amazon wishlist for years). Then, and most amazingly, there’s the number of things that made me think about Super Mario Galaxy. It doesn’t lessen Mario, it just made me re-evaluate some of the “new-ness” of it. Even the Psychonauts title screen is like a Mario Galaxy planetoid. Amazing.

So far then – I’ve done the first “level”, inside the army bloke’s brain. I’ve run around the camp loads, found some other areas, talked to lots of people, collected loads of arrowheads, found Ford’s secret lab, leveled up to level 12, learned the “pyrokenesis” power, used it to torch squirrels and birds (and explode seagulls), and entered my own mind. Oh, and got two items from the Scavenger Hunt list.

It’s funny, well written, varied (already), and at least two thousand times better than Kameo. It’s just a slight shame there’s no widescreen mode.

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