Eternal Sonata (360)

Eternal Sonata (360)

No crashes today, although I’ve doing the cache-cleaning thing every time I start the game up now, just in case.

Went into Mt. Rock, and got blown around a lot and found some chests (mostly containing stuff worse than stuff I already had), before finally catching up with Prince Crescendo. Then Count Waltz (is he allowed to be a Count? He’s only about 12, isn’t he?) appeared with a million flying dragons-wot-have-donkey-heads and tried to convince Polka to go with him. Which she did, until he slapped her and then we all had a lovely fight.

Which I won. But that’s not the end – oh no. Leguto (Waltz’s butler, I assume) drank some thing with a glowing Agogo in it, and became a huge monster, ripping a hole in the world and doing a runner.

But that’s Chapter 6 done! Hurrah!

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