Eternal Sonata (360)

Eternal Sonata (360)

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This Chapter 2 is a bit long, isn’t it? I’m still on it now! I found the boy at the bottom of the cliff, eventually, and then stayed the night at his parents’ inn. The next day I went Castle Forte (having another, more successful, “jam” session on the way), but couldn’t get in.

Instead, some bloke called Tuba who looked like a cross between Ramm-Man from He-Man and Birdie from Street Fighter Alpha decided to fight me. I won, but we all got chucked in a dungeon anyway. A dungeon with the girl (Salsa) I was looking for in it! And a dungeon Allegretto could break us out of easily, what with him being a thief and stuff.

We went into the gaping hole in a wall in the dungeon, which turned out to be a secret path back out to a place on the Hanon Road, where I’d previously seen a strange rock. I’d already guessed that was where we’d come out. Bumped into some people coming to rescue Salsa as we exited the rock, saving them a job. We’re all off back to goat-girl’s village now.

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