Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (360)

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (360)

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Since today was mainly taken up with setting up my new surround sound kit, I didn’t spend long playing games. I did, however, break Tony out for a while and finished off the last Uber Goals, completing those remaining. The Pro one was really quite hard (on the Nail The Trick demo especially), until I realised you could manage more than one of the ten required tricks in one combo.

Then, as usual, I completed some more street goals. 87% done now, I think.

Incidently, the new sound system makes this game even more amazing – echoes, car horns, clunks, thuds – the lot.


  1. I’ve often said that gamers neglect their sound. They spend a fortune on the consoles and a nice HD TV to view them on. But most of the time they rely on the stereo speakers in the TV for sound. What they should be doing is saving for a decent surround sound set-up like you’ve just installed. It makes a huge difference and adds massively to the immersion in a game… though I’m sort of preaching to the converted here.

  2. Well, improving my sound system (I say improving, but in reality I didn’t actually have one before…) has had a bigger impact on my games than buying a new TV, or even a new console.


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