Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (360)

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (360)

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Eric is in it. Yeah, he looks and sounds different, but he’s still Eric. Eric, your rival in THUG and THUG2. And your rival here too. Pah. How annoying.

But I beat him in a competition (after beating him in a previous one, which he’d rigged so he won anyway), so that was OK.

Took part in lots of video shoots for Arto too, and learned how to Nail the Grab from Bob Burnquist. Explored the city a bit, and managed to Am (and in a few cases, Pro) some spot challenges. I’m having problems though, particularly with manuals and grinds, seeing what route I’m supposed to be taking.

And I built up my stats a bit. Turns out the reason I couldn’t revert is because they’ve changed the control to do it! For ever it has been the grind button at the top of a half-pipe. Now, for some reason, it’s RB and grind at the same time. WHY.

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