Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (360)

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (360)

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I thought the game was about to take a turn for the crap when I realised Bam Margera was in it. His sections in “The Tony Hawk Dark Days Trilogy” (that’s THUG, THUG 2 and THAW to you) were the least Tony Hawk-y and, generally, crap. I mean, I love Bam and all, but he added too much Jackass to the game.

Thankfully, his story was mostly about outdoing him with proper skating and climbing stuff, rather than the usual driving cars, blowing things up, Stuff With Shopping Trolleys and other silliness, so that was OK.

After him, I had to mod a load of lines and take photos, and then take part in a rigging demo with Jeff King. There’s not much left of the Rigger storyline now.

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