Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (360)

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (360)

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OK. I think after today’s session I’m “done” with this now. I’ll no doubt come back to improve on some of the bits I’ve only got Am on, or for a bit of a skate for fun. Or maybe I’ll play online a bit.

But I’ve done all the story goals in all the storylines, most of the skate spots, impressed all the pros and all sorts of other things. I’ve not done many “classic” goals though, I’ve just realised, so perhaps I’ll mop a few of them up too.

Bam’s challenge today was a pain. You have to find a load of “treasure” in the museum, and I just scraped the required 20 found, but all 35? I can only see another two, let alone reach them and find another 13! Pff.

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