Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (360)

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (360)

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With Eternal Sonata now complete, I started something else. I love Tony Hawk games. If you’re a long-time reader of this gaming diary, you’d know this. I went through pretty much every single available TH game, even the crap Game Boy Colour ones, a couple of years ago. It was amazing.

Anyway. This version seems to have taken a step away from the fantastic (and complete return to form) Tony Hawk’s Project 8, instead looking a bit more like Tony Hawk’s Underground, where the series went a bit wrong. Hopefully, it’s only superficial, and already I’ve found the trick markers and stuff from THP8, so all isn’t lost!

So far, I’ve done the first four “things”. A chapter in each of the four “modes” – rigger, pro, hardcore and street. The stats system has changed (again), so unlike recent games, I can’t just built those up before I start properly – so shock! I had play properly!

But it all seems good so far. It’s a bit grey, but that’s probably just the area you start in.

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