Half-Life 2: Episode One (360)

Half-Life 2: Episode One (360)

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With a few games since Half-Life 2 was completed, I felt it time to return to the story. I’d heard Episode One was pretty short too, so it’ll be good for a quick play before starting something else.

So far, it’s more of the same. Sort of. No crowbar though! There was a bit at the start getting back into the Citadel, stablising the core, then getting the hell out. Then a train crash, then a bit in a multistory car park, and then some running through the streets with ant-lions and snipers.

It’s good and all, but I haven’t got much in the way of weaponry (unlike the previous outing), and there haven’t been any “OH! WOW!” moments yet either. Having Alyx follow round all the time isn’t actually annoying (it’s not an escort mission – I hate them), as she does help take out baddies for me, so that’s OK.

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