Half-Life 2: Episode Two (360)

Half-Life 2: Episode Two (360)

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So I came out of the bit I was in, found a car (which required completion of a see-saw puzzle – a HUGE see-saw puzzle), and then Alyx and I set off for The White Forest again, without the Vortigaunt. I was worried the car bit was going to be like the car bit from Half Life 2, but thankfully was far less annoying.

Partly because I can run zombies down in it. Ace! Then I found an old building with a radio transmitter, but in the process of exploring it some Hunters attacked. They’re a bit like a cross between a Strider and an Ant-lion, sort of, with electric shooty wires. The best way to kill them was to throw heavy objects at them – aceness!

So a helicopter started chasing me, and I took cover in a train yard, where some rebels were stationed. I helped them take down the chopper (by chucking its bombs back at it), and then had to navigate a junk yard full of zombies and soldiers to take out some autoguns. With that done, it was back on the road, looking for Lambda weapons caches on the way.

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