Half-Life 2: Episode Two (360): COMPLETED!

Half-Life 2: Episode Two (360): COMPLETED!

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Whatwhatwhat? It’s less than five hours long? Those people telling me it’s 8 or 9 hours are bloody liars. Mind you, they also said Episode One was 5 hours and I did it in three and a half. Anyway.

But what an amazing five hours it was. Better in every way than Episode One, improving on even Half Life 2 itself – partly graphically, but mainly because of the number of quality, epic set pieces. The ambush in the village, the Hunter attack, and, especially, the final fight.

At the end of Episode One, there was a fight against a single Strider in an enclosed space. It was pretty poor, to be honest, not to mention easy. The end of Episode Two, however? How about 10 Striders and a swarm of Hunters, with a new weapon to take them down? Epic!

Now Valve – let us have Episode Three nice and quick, yes?

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