Misc PSP Demos (Demo) (PSP)

Misc PSP Demos (Demo) (PSP)

With my new-found ability to download game demos to my PSP, I put a load on to play today.

Space Invaders Extreme
Excellent! It’s exactly what the title suggests – Space Invaders, only Extreme! It’s a lot like the DS Space Invaders game from a couple of years ago, but with more power-ups and a combo system. And bonus levels. Apparently there’s a DS version of this PSP title too, which is supposedly even better.

Several demos, in fact. I really can’t wait for the full version to arrive, as it really is quite amazing.

Ridge Racer
Yawn. Ridge Racer is, and always has been, pretty dull. And this version is no exception. Give me Outrun 2006 any day.

Some strange Japanese thing
No idea what it’s called, but it’s a platformer where you are a boy with a grapple hook, and you grapple a fish and then have to grapple across a river and I couldn’t do it and drowned a lot. Hm.

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