skate. (360)

skate. (360)

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Ah! I figured out what the “ride the hubba and 360 flip” pro challenge was. It seems a “hubba” is just a platform, and a 360 flip is not a flip through 360 degrees – it’s a specific (and very difficult to pull off) trick. Basically, you have to hold the right stick at the 3:30 clock position, rotate clockwise to 7:30, then flick to 2 o’clock very, very quickly in one movement. Not easy.

Anyway, with that done (and some more Thrasher photo and video challenges complete), I unlocked the Rob and Big Black pro challenge. Oh joy! It’s another 360 flip! Only this time, you have to flip to a FS Crooked grind, and avoid Big. Clearly impossible.

As usual, here is my latest painful bail. I did some ace tricks too, but it’s actual physical pain you all want to see, isn’t it? Of course it is.

This was an attempt at a MASSIVE DAMAGE bail, but somehow, I survived:

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