skate. (360)

skate. (360)

For some reason, three of the races I’d previously completed were unlocked again. So I attempted them all, but only managed to win two. That leaves the remaining one and the one that I hadn’t completed before left to do.

I then set about ticking off a few milestones – namely the smash myself to bits ones, mainly by throwing myself under cars and jumping off the megaramp at the X-Games stadium at funny angles to land on my face. After that, it was time to get chased (and escape) a lot from security, and then I went and beat a couple more Pros at the S.K.A.T.E. challenge bit.

Finally, I Owned The Spot at all the unlocked locations. I still have 5 left to find, though.

Here’s a clip of me doing a 14-bone-shattering bail on the Megaramp:

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