skate. (360)

skate. (360)

ALL DONE! Well, except the online stuff (although see about that in a minute).

First off: the two races. The slalomy one that ends up in the big round bit of road didn’t take too many tries, the the one in the Old Town (where 2×2 of the racers start on opposite sides of the road) was EVIL. Even though I finished in first place several times, I came last due to not going through enough markers. On the flip side, going through all the markers left me in 4th too. Thankfully, I eventually found an alternative route which, although had no markers, but me a good 25+ seconds ahead of everyone. Hurrah!

After that, I found and Owned all the remaining spots. Then, I wasted 10 minutes messing around in No Skate Zones to get the 3 Hours In No Skate Zones milestone.

Finally: I beat all the remaining Pros at S.K.A.T.E. Bloody hell was that hard. You have to hope each messes up, so you get a chance to set the tricks rather than them, and then it’s a waiting game. It’s entirely random if they bail or not (although it seems each successive Pro is less likely to), and which trick (or even how difficult the trick is) is totally irrelevant. They appear to bail as often trying a simple Ollie 360 as they do attempting a Nollie 360 Flip 360.

Once they’d been beaten, I’d done all the challenges (Achievement!) and all the milestones (Achievement!), but then something odd happened – I instantly unlocked another 6 achievements, and they’re all online ones. I got one for playing 50 online games, one for winning 6 games in a row, and I’ve reached Pro and Icon Trickster status (but not Amateur for some reason). I’m not complaining at the 225 extra gamerpoints, I’m just very confused…

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