skate. (360)

skate. (360)

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Amazing! I’ve really progressed today, both in terms of how far into the game I’ve managed to get, but also in my skill at the game. I finished off everything to do with the Skateboard Mag (beating P-Rod at SKATE was virtually impossible, though), which unlocked the two X-Games events – both of which I managed to get Gold in. The giant ramp you unlock after the events really helps nail some of the Thrasher videos, as high scores, big air and huge jumps are easy with it.

So I did that, and then went round a few other Thrasher events to try them. Managed a couple of videos and photos, but that’s about it.

Since I’m 100% done with The Skateboard Mag, about 60% done with Thrasher, have impressed more than half of the pros and Beat The Spot at almost half the locations, I’m wondering why I haven’t got the achievement for 50% of the game’s milestones. Is there a huge extra bit to unlock or something?

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