skate. (360): COMPLETED!

skate. (360): COMPLETED!

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Well, I didn’t think I’d ever get there, but today I managed it. Unlike many other games, I really feel my skill within the game had actually improved, and it feels like a much more realisitic skill progression than the Tony Hawk style of stats and levelling up. In skate., it’s me that improves, not my skater.

That’s not to say everything is better than Tony Hawk, though. The Pro Skater games are more arcadey and less realistic, but big, ridiculous tricks are fun and impressive. skate., however, is a simulation. A real skater’s moves and actions have real control analogues, and the flick-it system is intentionally hard to master – just like a real skateboard. You have to actually try tricks, not just remember the button you have to press. Lining up, shifting your body and reacting quickly is more important here than in Pro Skater.

So I enjoyed it. A lot. However, the actual goals of the game were those parts I liked least. Some of the final ones (the 360 flip and then the 360 flip-to-FS crooked) were just frustrating and not fun at all. Thankfully, I managed them – the Rob and Big one taking three hours of attempts in the end, but I have the proof:

After that, I went on to complete some more Thrasher goals, getting the front page of the magazine (although I didn’t get the achievement – must be a bug?) and unlocked the final area of the map and another jam session, which I easily won. So that’s me then, a skate. Icon!

I have four goals (two Thrasher, two The Skateboard Mag) left to do now, but I’ve done the final events and reached the highest status in the game, so I’m considering it completed. I’ll probably play it a bit more, though.

And, for fun, here’s a bizarre glitch that launched me like a pinwheel for no reason:

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