Grand Theft Auto IV (360)

Grand Theft Auto IV (360)

Tada! I scanned some covers in 🙂

As for today’s play… I found Bernie, killed some people for him, did a few more jobs for Ray, and spent ages trying to get the achievement for blowing up 10 vehicles in 10 seconds. In the end, my wife’s suggestion of blocking up a tunnel and filling it with cars was the winner, as not only was it easy to get the cars piled up, but the police didn’t see what I was doing and spoil the party.

GTA Glitch Watch
A few things today. First up was when I was driving a bike down the pedestrian part of (I think) the Broker Bridge. I hit a lamp post and was thrown off the bike. I got back on the bike, but my body was wedged inside a bridge support strut, and I couldn’t move. I got off the bike, but the bike then got flung a few metres away as if it had been on elastic.

I was driving a car I’d just nicked around Alderney, and took a staggered junction badly, resulting in me driving head-first into a tree – albeit very slowly (I’d managed to brake almost in time). I reversed away from the tree, round a corner, and bumped into a wall. Then, as I was just pulling away, my car exploded, killing me. I didn’t have any police after me, the road was deserted, and aside from a slightly dented front bumper, my car was in perfect condition. Bizarre.

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