Grand Theft Auto IV (360)

Grand Theft Auto IV (360)

First off today I did my first Assassin mission, followed by the rest of them in quick succession. They were all pretty easy, and doing all nine netted me an achievement. I then did a couple of missions for Jimmy, and found a guy on the street I’d met in the game previously and did a “side-mission” with him. Or rather, shot him.

Then I stole some cars (and bikes) for Brucie, took Little Jacob and Dwayne out for meals, and then did another mission for Jimmy. And attempted one for Phil but it was too hard.

Finally, I went to see Mr. Gravelli in the hospital, and did a couple of missions for him – including killing a Korean money counterfeiter – the same guy I helped into the country earlier in the game, it seems. Oh well.

I’m trying to get my cash up to the half-million mark. I’m on $440,000-ish at the moment.

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