Grand Theft Auto IV (360)

Grand Theft Auto IV (360)

Lots (and lots) of play on this today. It’s one of those games where I can’t really explain too much about what I’m doing in case I spoil anything, as far as the main storyline goes anyway. I did a few missions for Mikhail, completing his bit of the story, a couple of jobs for Little Jacob (whose accent is bloody amazing), and a couple of jobs for Brucie.

Also dated Michelle a couple more times and, er, “made it” with her, drove round rather a lot doing nothing in particular (I came across an alleyway with a police car parked up in it, and the policeman up a fire escape, so I killed him and was chased for ages). I went to the airport, but was disappointed to find that 1) you couldn’t nick a plane, and 2) you got a 4-star wanted level just being there. I did manage to shake off the police though, gaining me an achievement.

Then I tried to get a car up onto the roller coaster at the fairground, but couldn’t find a way onto the tracks and ended up driving into a pond at the miniature golf course by accident. Tch.

GTA Glitch Watch:

1) Cutting a corner in a car dropped me into a front yard where they’d been digging up the pavement, and my car got stuck in a wall, then flipped upside down (even though I was stationary), the car fell through the floor, everything went black (bar the car), and then the car flipped up into the air, span a lot, and then landed right-side-up back in the wall. I had to get out.

2) I parked a car very close to a wall (next to the Russian clothing shop) with the driver side door hard up against the wall. Rather than do what he normally does in this situation and shuffle over to the passenger side to get out, he opened the door through the wall and ended up in the shop, where I instantly got a 1-star wanted level for no reason, and the police piled in and killed me.

3) At the burger shop place near the fairground, I bought a burger, Niko turned to face the camera, and then… nothing. He didn’t get given a burger, he didn’t eat anything, I couldn’t move, use my phone, use my weapons, change the camera or anything. A bystander started walking on the spot, and I could do nothing bar reload a saved game.

4) I jacked a car, and the owner ran after me and grabbed the door handle. I drove along for a bit dragging them, and eventually they let go. I then realised I was going the wrong way, u-turned, and saw them in the road with no legs. I ran them over, and they got pushed through the road (presumably to drop out underneath).

5) On one of the missions, the camera got stuck in a wall giving me a view through the back of Niko’s head, showing his eyeballs from the inside. Eurgh.

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