Grand Theft Auto IV (360)

Grand Theft Auto IV (360)

Mainly spent my time on vigilante missions today, getting the achievement for taking down 20 criminals found on the police computer, and then completing all the Algonquin “Most Wanted” missions.

After that I did Gravelli’s (or whatever his name is – old bloke in the hospital) next mission – blowing up some vans filled with cocaine. I took an indirect route around some rooftops, which made it much easier than it originally looked. Then I retried Phil’s mission getting some drugs from a boatyard. Found that much easier than last time, completing it easily.

Finally, I took Kate out on a date. It didn’t go well, as to start with I turned up just one minute late, then se complained about my clothes, my bike riding skillz (she didn’t like being on an NRG 900 for some reason) and then when we arrived at the bowling place it wouldn’t let us start a game, so we left and I accidentally threw her from the bike when I clipped a kerb. So she went home on her own. Smooth, Niko, really smooth.

GTA Glitch Watch
Glitches in abundance today! Lots and lots of objects popping in after I’ve hit them, and the tunnel from Alderney to Algonquin was completely black for a good 1/3 of its length before any of it was drawn in.

One of my cars parked outside my East Holland safehouse vanished too – even though it was in the designated parking, and, in fact, had been there for around 20-odd hours play at least.

Then there was the problem with Kate’s date. I got to the bowling place but it wouldn’t let me play. No idea why – and no, she hadn’t requested a particular sort of date (in fact I rang her) and when I’d picked her up it was shown on my map as a “valid” place to do. Very odd.

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