Grand Theft Auto IV (360)

Grand Theft Auto IV (360)

Dwayne’s special “power” GET! Jacob’s special “power” GET! And, thanks to finally getting hold of Brucie and taking him out loads of times, Brucie’s “power” GET!

But I still can’t nick cars for Brucie, even though his like for me is now 94%.

GTA Glitch Watch
Aside from Brucie’s not-sending-me-emails bug, the game stops working every time I try to got for a heli ride with him. I call him up for one, drive to his house, and the game “takes over”, I get out the car, and him and two women walk up to me. He says something about “taking the bitches for a spin the chopper” and nothing happens. The game continues to play out – cars go past, Niko shuffles on the spot, people walk by, but nothing else. I can’t walk anywhere, no cut scenes, we don’t get in the helicopter, and no-one says or does anything. I can’t move the camera either – just like the bug earlier in the game when the same thing happened at a burger stand near Firefly Island. Hmm.

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