Grand Theft Auto IV (360): COMPLETED!

Grand Theft Auto IV (360): COMPLETED!

At 57 hours game time, and on my third attempt, I completed the final mission and killed Dimitri. Game over! And around 20 minutes of credits too – they even name the office receptionist…

But I wasn’t happy with the outcome. Someone dies, and I didn’t like it. So I went back to a previous save and chose to kill Dimitri then rather than work with him. The result? Another death. A different death, sure, but one that was a bit easier to take in, even though I still didn’t like it. Then the “new” final mission, which was much like the other one to begin with, but with a different chase sequence and a different “boss” – who was much easier to kill once he was on foot.

And then the end again.

I decided to “keep” this ending, and carry on playing from it rather than return to the other one. I then spent ages taking friends out eating, drinking, going to see shows, going to strip clubs and playing darts. It’s going to be a long process getting them all up to 100% though – most are still less than 40% even after the wining and dining.

It didn’t help that I simply can’t do Jacob’s package deliveries, and his Like for me drops every time I fail.

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