Assorted XBLA Demos (360)

Assorted XBLA Demos (360)

Yes indeed – it is XBLA Demo Catchup time!

1942: Joint Strike
As I’ve said before, shooters aren’t my thing really. However, I’m one for nostalgia and this is a great looking, and playing, remake of 1942. I’m tempted to get it, except I know I’ll be crap at it. I was crap at the demo as it is.

It’s like Geometry Wars, only two player, and with no shooting. And you control both players. And it’s pretty good.

Go! Go! Break Steady!
Crap. It’s one part Boom Boom Rocket, one part Zuma. Only it doesn’t work and just appears confused. Rubbish!

Coffeetime Crosswords
Well, the first three clues I was given all had US “English” answers. So I deleted it.

Golf: Tee It Up!
Simple, normal (mostly) golf with standard press-A-thrice swinging and added limited aftertouch. It’s nothing special, but it’s perfectly playable. This was the only one of today’s demos I actually bought – and then proceeded to play for most of the evening. Well worth a (get ready for it…) shot. Badum-tish.

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