Ice Climber and Pinbot (NES)

Ice Climber and Pinbot (NES)

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It’s Retro Week on ugvm! But, it would appear that I’m out almost every night this week. Thank the lord for a spare hour today, and my OneStation.

In case you’ve forgotten, the OneStation is a portable Famiclone, not much larger than a Game Boy Micro.

Anyway – the games. First up was Pinbot. I was impressed that the ball physics were much better than I was expecting. Most 8-bit pinball titles are pretty poor in this regard, but Pinbot felt reasonably realistic. It was still very hard though, and no single game on it lasted more than about 3 minutes.

Then it was time for Ice Climber. I remember, back in 1992-ish, Ice Climber was the second game I ever played on the NES. The first was Golf. Anyway, I was hooked then, and always wanted a NES afterwards. It’s still great, and much easier than last time I played. I made it up to Mountain 9, before finding it impossible to progress as there was a wall I couldn’t jump over. Tch.

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