Ice Climber and Pinbot (NES)

Ice Climber and Pinbot (NES)

It’s Retro Week on ugvm! But, it would appear that I’m out almost every night this week. Thank the lord for a spare hour today, and my OneStation.

In case you’ve forgotten, the OneStation is a portable Famiclone, not much larger than a Game Boy Micro.

Anyway – the games. First up was Pinbot. I was impressed that the ball physics were much better than I was expecting. Most 8-bit pinball titles are pretty poor in this regard, but Pinbot felt reasonably realistic. It was still very hard though, and no single game on it lasted more than about 3 minutes.

Then it was time for Ice Climber. I remember, back in 1992-ish, Ice Climber was the second game I ever played on the NES. The first was Golf. Anyway, I was hooked then, and always wanted a NES afterwards. It’s still great, and much easier than last time I played. I made it up to Mountain 9, before finding it impossible to progress as there was a wall I couldn’t jump over. Tch.

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