Song Summoner (iPod)

Song Summoner (iPod)

Oh. Em. Eff. Gee.

It’s Final Fantasy Tactics. Only for the iPod. And just £4. Absolute BARGAIN. Well, it’s almost a Final Fantasy Tactics game. There’s less depth, you can’t change jobs, and there’s very little levelling up, but in essence, it’s almost there.

So far, I’ve played it for an hour and done just one mission. The mission took about 5 minutes to win. The other 55 minutes of play was going through my song collection and generating characters from the tracks on my iPod. Yes – really. That’s how you build your party up – with actual music from your mp3 library. Different tracks produce different classes of character, with different skills and different stats. It’s like the Barcode Battler!

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to generate any mages. Perhaps I need some opera or thrash metal or speed garage or something.

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