Galaga Legions (360)

Galaga Legions (360)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I don’t like shooters. Except Defender. And Geometry Wars. And Smash TV. And Side Arms. And Parodius. And Sol Feace. And Space Invaders. And Galaga. And Dominator.

But generally, I don’t like shooters. So why did I buy this? Because it’s BIG and SHOOTY and makes my eyes bleed, only bleed slightly less than GWE2 does. And it was by the Pac-man CE team, and that was amazing.

This is less amazing. But I’m enjoying it. I think I may be missing some basic game mechanic, though, as people on the ‘muk are posting about multipliers and stuff I haven’t even seen. I’ve managed to reach Area 3, though, and I’m top of my friends list – without thinking about multipliers, so I must be playing it half-way competently.

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