Civilisation Revolution (360)

Civilisation Revolution (360)

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I started a new game this evening, thinking I’d have a go at the “Win on King before 1000AD” achievement. Sadly, I didn’t even meet any of the other countries before 500BC, as they were all across the sea from me, so I gave up as there’s no way I could do it that attempt.

So I decided to give one of the scenarios a go instead, choosing “Beta Centuri”. You start off with all the technologies, and you’re attacked every turn by loads of barbarians. It’s very odd. Anyway, I was the Zulus, and very quickly managed to get a nuke, which I used to wipe out Moscow. However, I have since learnt that you only get one nuke per game, and I really need another one now Greece are trying to bomb my capital. Tch.

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