Civilisation V (Mac): COMPLETED!

We could go into a long discussion about how Civ Rev was only considered completed when I’d achieved a victory with each and every nation, whereas with Civ V I’m counting it after a single victory, but I’ll counter all that with two points: It took ELEVEN HOURS to win ONCE. I ain’t doing all 30-odd. My rules. *raspberry* As you can see, I won through peace rather than ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION. As it turns out, in my rush to improve …

Civilisation V (Mac)

You know how I don’t play computer games? WRONG. A couple of weeks ago I blagged a copy of Civilisation V (note “s”) from someone who had a spare copy on Steam. He said I could only have it if I promised to actually play it, so I did. In actuality, I’d already bought it. Stupidly, I’d tied it to a Steam account I couldn’t access, so got it refunded, but I still wanted the game. The price then went …

Civilisation Revolution (iPhone)

OK, who thought this would be a good idea? Taking a game I sank well over 100 hours into on the 360 and releasing it for the iPhone. For £2.99. Idiots. So I bought it. And, although the interface is a little different, and the graphics are nearer the DS than the 360, it’s the same horribly, horribly addictive game. Only now you can’t escape it as it’s in your pocket. Gah.

Civilisation Revolution (360): COMPLETED!

Aaaand done! Well, sort of. I’ve now completed the game as every single nation at least once, and in every possible way at least three times. So it’s complete. In terms of outstanding achievements, I have a few “do X on Deity difficulty” ones which simply are not going to happen, and the “win before 1000AD on King” which is plainly impossible. There’s also a “don’t change governments, and win on King” which should be possible, so I might give …

Civilisation Revolution (360)

More victolys today, leaving just 3 leaders to complete the game as. The majority of my victolys so far have been via domination (because it’s usually the first you get to) or tecnological (as it’s the only way to win on the Lightning Round scenario. Really am loving the game, though. Yeah, it’s cut-down Civ. But it’s also made-more-fun Civ.

Civilisation Revolution (360)

I finally managed to get a city with more than 200 production per turn! Turns out the best way is to be the Americans, build a city next to as many mountains as possible, and then when you hit the Modern Era you build all the Wonders and buildings that bump up your production, then switch your people to only produce. Hurrah! And then I won as the Americans too. 9 left!

Civilisation Revolution (360)

Yeah, sorry. I’m addicted now. Played tonight and last night, but haven’t had time to post about it. Anyway, the game is ACE, I’ve completed it about 8 times now, played some of the Scenarios (Lightning Round is amazing), and generally been sucked into the game totally. Again. Civ always does this, which is why I never bought Civ III or IV. Curses!

Civilisation Revolution (360)

I started a new game this evening, thinking I’d have a go at the “Win on King before 1000AD” achievement. Sadly, I didn’t even meet any of the other countries before 500BC, as they were all across the sea from me, so I gave up as there’s no way I could do it that attempt. So I decided to give one of the scenarios a go instead, choosing “Beta Centuri”. You start off with all the technologies, and you’re attacked …

Civilisation Revolution (360)

Hurrah for killing the French and Italians! 😉 Got myself some achievements – for Domination on King, and for winning as the Germans. I then went back to an earlier save (reincarnating everyone bar the Zulus) and got an Economic victory, before reloading an earlier one again and getting a Cultural one. I can’t reload for a Technology victory, as there aren’t enough moves left in the game to get everything built. I didn’t realise there was a move limit!

Civilisation Revolution (360)

This arrived on Friday, and it’s all I’ve played all weekend. First off, I on Chieftain level, as the Russians. Played four times, getting each of the four victories. It seemed very, very easy, so I bumped it up to Warlord level, and completed it (with a Domination victory) as the Aztecs. Their heal-every-win power is excellent! That seemed awfully easy to win too. So I started again, on King difficulty, as the Germans. I quickly wiped out the Zulus, …

Civilisation Revolution Demo (360)

I was really hoping this was going to be rubbish. Because I tend to get hooked on Civ games and since I don’t play computer games any more I thought I was safe… But, as I feared, my “one quick go” lasted over an hour and I ended up running out of turns in the demo. So it has to go on my “want” list. I blame The Rev. It’s all his fault.