Civilisation Revolution (360)

Civilisation Revolution (360)

This arrived on Friday, and it’s all I’ve played all weekend.

First off, I on Chieftain level, as the Russians. Played four times, getting each of the four victories. It seemed very, very easy, so I bumped it up to Warlord level, and completed it (with a Domination victory) as the Aztecs. Their heal-every-win power is excellent! That seemed awfully easy to win too.

So I started again, on King difficulty, as the Germans. I quickly wiped out the Zulus, and then started getting attacked by the Romans, so set up a peace treaty with them. I then started to close in on the French, only the English got in the way and when I attacked them, the Americans joined in.

You know, it was terribly familiar.

Anyway, the English are gone now (I captured their capital, and the rest of their cities converted to other cultures), and the Americans now consist of only a tiny city on an island in the middle of nowhere. The French are being a real pain though – how come their pikemen can destroy my veteran Ninja Cannon army, complete with General? It was a 37.5 vs 3 fight, and they won?! How?!

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