Geometry Wars Evolved 2 (360)

Geometry Wars Evolved 2 (360)

Hah! So That Rev Chap thought he could take me on today! Only his scores were thwarted with ease, and once again I was Champion. Champion of, erm, some, anyway.

Later, I played again and almost completed Sequence mode. I can do the first 10 levels, without dying or using bombs, but not all in the same go. Which is a shame, as if I could do it, I’m pretty much guaranteed to complete the other 10 with the 5 lives and 5 bombs I’d have remaining.

Later still, I played again to get the Wax Off achievement. There was a bit of trauma when, after about 100 attempts, I managed to get all bar 1%. The final 1% of wall to touch couldn’t be found anywhere – for a good 30 seconds. All that dodging and looking made me a bit panicky. And then, when I finally spotted it, it took another 30 seconds (an absolute age in this game) or so to actually reach it!

After that, I tried to boost by scores for Pacifism mode, managing to leapfrog two people on my list, making me 5th on there in total. It’s the only mode I’ve managed to stand a chance against the “pros” in!


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