Halo (Xbox)

Halo (Xbox)

Sigh. If “The Silent Cartographer” is supposed to be a highlight of the game, then it really does need putting down. It was awful. More corridors that look the same. Areas of the map too dark to see in (and no, the flashlight doesn’t really help). Wave after wave after wave of the same baddies again and again and again.


I thought things might have improved when I got to the next bit (which starts with more identical rooms and corridors), where you move out into the snowy open areas. You’re given a Warthog! A Ghost! And a tank! And they’re all crap, and progress is easier with just your rocket launcher.

Well, I will make a concession – flying the Ghost is a good idea, because if you don’t one of your marine “chums” will fly it instead. And run you down in it. So that you die. Three times in a row. In the end, I blew it up before they got a chance to pilot it.

Please tell me it gets better. Please?

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