Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS)

Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS)

It’s Guitar Hero! On the DS! With added hand cramp!

That’s right – hand cramp. It’s pretty much all the DS version brings to the game, actually. No matter which way I hold it, I get cramp on my little finger and wrist. Not that my little finger is of much use, as I can barely reach the blue button with it, meaning I have no hope at all with the harder difficulty levels.

But I persevered with it, and it is really just more of the same. Actually, the way you strum (with a pick-stylus) is probably better than in the “grown up” console versions, but that doesn’t really make up for the hand cramps… Oh, and the track list isn’t all that great.

Anyway, I made it to half-way through the third “level”, which, if the menu screens are anything to go by, is half-way through the game.

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