The Giant Xbox 360 Demo Update (360)

The Giant Xbox 360 Demo Update (360)

I played quite a few Xbox 360 demos at the weekend. Some thoughts:

Mercenaries 2
I found this too hard. I admit I wasn’t trying very hard, but it did seem impossibly difficult. The explosions were nice though. Except when my jeep was what was exploding. Oh, and respawning enemies in this sort of game == badness.

Dire. No, it really is.

Domino Master

Feeding Frenzy 2

Space Marinezzzzzzzzz… Yeah, the raising and lowering land was great. But this isn’t Doshin the Giant, and as a result every “puzzle” that required them seemed contrived. As a shooter, it’s dull as anything.

Samurai Shodown 2
Aces, but marred by the 360’s pad. The stick feels wrong and the d-pad just is wrong.

Shotest Shogi
Never really understood Shogi, but soon had it sorted. Then ran out of moves. I think I’d buy it for 400 points, but at 800 it’s too much for something I’d not play much.

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