Fallout 3 (360)

Fallout 3 (360)

Two more days play, another, erm, 12 hours clocked on the game. Completing it seems a distant memory now, as more important tasks in-game have replaced the fate of the DC Wasteland.

Tasks such as finding four people and not killing them as asked. Well, except Tenpenny, but he deserved it. I put a grenade in his pocket. Anyway, these four people gave up some keys and as the great Lord Atari once said: “Save keys to open doors!”. Doors in the basement of Fort Constantine, of course. I was supposed to return the keys to Mister Crowley in the Underworld, but I decided to take a look at what he wanted to use them for. And I found some AMAZING armour. And a bobblehead!

But that wasn’t all, of course. I helped some Brotherhood of Steel chaps rescue an initiate from a building, I found and plundered the Bethesda Ruins (another bobblehead!), and finally completed the very first side-quest I was given in the game: Moira’s Wasteland Survival Guide.

Oh, and I moved some people into The Lincoln Memorial. And! I’m now on Level 20, so I’m maxed out as far as levelling up will take me. Mind you, I’m pretty powerful now, with small guns (my preferred method of execution) up to 75, and that can still be increased by finding a bobblehead and reading some associated literature.

And am I still enjoying the game? Bloody hell yes.

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  1. Just a note to say I really enjoyed your Fallout diary. I’ve completely finished Fallout and it’s nice to just hear someone else going through and enjoying the game. Thanks.


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