Fallout 3 (360): COMPLETED!

Fallout 3 (360): COMPLETED!

To my regular readers, it may appear I’ve taken a break from gaming for the last week or so. This is not quite the case. In fact, I’ve probably squeezed more gaming hours into the last seven days than any other seven days in the last 15 years or more. Yes, that’s a lot of gaming.

All of it (bar a 10 minute Lego Batman demo blip) on Fallout 3.

Today, I completed the main story after a total recorded time of 38 and a half hours. In reality, this figure is actually closer to 45 hours, as I spent a lot of time Doing Things I Wouldn’t Normally Do Just To See What Happens. Such as Fat Man everyone in Megaton into the aether. Yes, that makes no sense to anyone who hasn’t obtained a Fat Man in the game.

I won’t even begin to describe the wonders of the game so far (yes, I’m not done with it yet), but there are so many amazing bits. The reveal in Vault 87. Liberty Prime’s dialogue. The kids in the caverns. Eulogy Jones and His Pimp Hat of Small Guns Power. Mercs, fire ants, and all sorts. Fantastic!

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