Fallout 3 (360)

Fallout 3 (360)

Yeah, yeah – another week, another 7 days of emptiness on this diary. It’s not my fault – it’s Fallout 3. Because Fallout 3 is the greatest game ever made ever. Possibly. Well, since the last greatest game ever, anyway.

I am now more than 77 hours in. 77 hours. That’s a long, long time. It’s more than three whole actual days. And am I bored yet? Of course not.

Having said that, I am starting to run out of “main” things to do. I’ve done all of the achievement-able quests (bar one, which I can’t do since I killed someone needed to complete it), killed all the super mutant behemoths, found all bar one of the bobbleheads, and found about 120 locations on the map (I think there are around 140 in total?).

I’m most impressed that I’ve managed all this without using a guide, and with only the minimal amount of being pointed in the right direction by people on a forum.

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