Assorted iPod games (iPod)

Assorted iPod games (iPod)

Seems like the iPod games store on iTunes has had quite a few games added recently that I hadn’t noticed. So I bought a few:

Trivial Pursuit
It’s the same game as you’d expect, only with multiple choice answers. And it’s pretty good, even if my wife did beat me (it has multiplayer) and the questions are too US-based. I don’t know anything about baseball or basketball! I mean, they’re not even proper sports! And since the only two books referenced seem to be Moby Dick and Tom Sawyer, and the history questions are usually about US presidents and stuff in the constitution, it does make playing it a bit difficult.

Tiger Woods
It’s just like every other golf game ever. Only instead of a triple-tap for power, you hold a button and release. And there’s no decent-sized overhead map. And I finished Pebble Beach 4 over par. But it was pretty good, nonetheless.

Or “Othello”, as us proper folk spell it. The reviews on iTunes are amazing – some guy saying how it is easier than Othello (it’s the same game!) and someone actually complaining the game isn’t worth the asking price – just 79p. SEVENTY NINE PENCE. Jesus. What do you want, blood?! It plays Othello. And well. What else does it need?

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