Banjo-Kazooie (360): COMPLETED!

Banjo-Kazooie (360): COMPLETED!

Played this a lot yesterday and today, culminating in a 100% completion this afternoon. Although I’ve played it a few times before (on the N64), I never, ever, managed to defeat the final boss. Today, however, I did – and after only 4 or 5 attempts!

She was still hard, but for some reason I found it very easy on my successful attempt, losing hardly any life at all (and none until the final Jinjonator bit). So, complete!

I still have two jiggys left that I don’t know what to do with, and also need to finish Bottles’ puzzles. I eventually found the jigsaw puzzles – but have only done two, since the hand moves by itself making picking up and dropping pieces difficult.

I also went hunting for items – the ice key for one – but can’t get to them yet. In the original game, it was a planned “Stop and Swop” feature for linking the game with the sequel, but that didn’t happen. No idea what you’re supposed to do here, but the end sequence mentions Nuts & Bolts, which is crap and I probably won’t be buying, so the Stop and Swop won’t be happening.


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