Echochrome (PSP)

Echochrome (PSP)

After trawling the Playstation Store (now available on the PSP itself, meaning I can actually use it) for a while, it became clear there was nothing on there I really wanted. So I bought Echochrome.

I’d played the demo before, and wasn’t that impressed, but for £4.99 (or rather, £5 – you have to buy money in the store to spend in the store, which is stupid) I thought I’d try it again.

I’m still not really impressed. It seems that to complete many of the levels you have to rely on luck, trial and error, or what feels like kludging the system. The button to “snap to” the grid rarely works, and even when you’ve managed to join two platforms, sometimes the man fails to walk across them. The jumps and drops are a nightmare as it’s impossible to tell if they’ll work as you’ve laid them out – jumps especially.

But I’ve completed all of the A levels, and two of the B levels. Then I got annoyed because even though there is no on-screen clock, and the game is played against the clock (so you can beat your best times), you can still run out of time, as I did. Which is stupid.

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