Super Demotastic Game Demo Roundup (360)

Super Demotastic Game Demo Roundup (360)

Since Fallout 3 and A Kingdom for Keflings, I’ve not really made a proper start on any other games. I’ve downloaded a played a fair few demos this week, however:

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?
Apparently not, as I failed at £25,000. Even though my 5th Grader helper didn’t get the answer either, so therefore she was as thick as me. The question was about baseball, so it isn’t surprising I didn’t know what the answer was. And what is a 5th Grader anyway? Round these parts, it could be considered a 7 year old.

That Stupid Dog Music Community Game
Dear god, no. This is the worst game ever made ever.

The Tower Assault Community Game
Actually pretty good. It’s just a shame the trial is only 4 minutes, as it takes almost that long to get the game into full flow.

Meteos Wars
I loved Meteos on the DS, and this is the same. Only there’s no stylus control, so instead of being fast, fluid and fun, it’s awkward, fiddly and crap.

Power Up Forever
Yet another twin-stick top-down shooter. And not especially good either, truth be told.

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