Lego Indiana Jones (360)

Lego Indiana Jones (360)

Oh my! Who’d have thought that I’d get some game-time this weekend? Not only did I manage to start this, but I also managed a few minutes on a few demos – Legendary (crap) and Skate 2 (acebest!).

I made a start on Lindy yesterday, completing the first two levels of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I was surprised at just how good it was, as I seem to recall the lack of guns (compared to Lego Star Wars) was a bit of a let down when I played the demo. After a few minutes, I’d completely forgotten about it and got on with punching and kicking and smashing everyone and everything. OCD FTW!

Today, I carried on and finished off Raiders of the Lost Ark, and then completed the first two levels of Temple of Doom. Hurrah for sleeping babies 🙂

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