Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage (360)

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage (360)

Yes! It’s back to Fallout 3! There was a new expansion recently, called Operation Anchorage, and with Lego Indiana Jones completed, I decided to make a start on it.

Once in the game, you get a message saying there’s a radio signal from the Brotherhood Outcasts, and a new marker on the map. Once there, you help them out for a bit, then you’re put in a computer simulator (like the Tranquillity Lane ones), and take part in a recreation of the liberation of Anchorage from the Chinese. Which only happened in the Fallout universe, of course.

I’m not very far in yet – only about 45 minutes – but so far it’s clear the expansion plays somewhat differently from the rest of the game. You’ve still got VATS and stuff, but you’ve none of your weapons (only some provided ones), no stimpacks (you need to up your health at machines in the game), and you can’t ransack boxes and crates. It’s also very shooty-based, which, if you’ve been a melee character would make it a bit of a change.

It’s good to be back in Fallout though, even if it isn’t quite how I remember it!

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